Our Commitment

Our People:

We know that our people are our most valued asset. Hospitality Healthcare Services has a strong foundation of highly qualified management and staff. Every member of our organization plays a vital role in our ultimate success. We invest a lot of time and energy in our employees in terms of training and mentoring. We want our employees to be successful, and we know that by investing in our people we are ultimately making our company a better place to work and grow. As a service company, we know that good service is founded on well trained, well supported and technically skilled individuals.

Staff Training:

We offer a comprehensive hands-on training program. Initially training programs commence once a partnership with Hospitality Healthcare Service begins. Whether it is Hospitality Healthcare Services staff and/or your organizations staff, we utilize ongoing development sessions to ensure that learning never stops and new strengths are being developed, providing you with a greater service. Staff is developed to uphold the highest standards of quality that we require and you deserve.

TJC/DNV Readiness:

We understand the anxiety that comes with a TJC/DNV/State preparation “the need to have everything perfect”. Our Company, as a partner of your organization, also wants you to be successful. For that reason our managers are provided with the support and resources necessary to guarantee that success.

TJC/DNV now uses “Tracer Methodology” allowing the agency to survey your facility with minimal notice, necessitating a state of constant preparedness. Our management team creates and maintains that constant state of readiness at your Hospital, allowing you to maximize your internal resources and not depend on additional staffing to achieve your goals for your TJC/DNV visit.

Performance Improvement:

At Hospitality Healthcare Services we provide a program for quality monitoring and staff development through our company’s performance improvement (PI) initiatives. We believe in providing daily quality assurance inspections to correct deficiencies that are present and immediately teach staff the proper methodology, should they face the same issue in the future.

Hospitality Healthcare Services is continuously utilizing “thoroughness of disinfection” cleaning tools for our clients to help prevent health care associated infections (HAIs). As the need to provide evidence based cleaning results becomes increasingly important to hospitals and facilities alike, Hospitality Healthcare Services understands this importance and can provide many solutions to meet the demands of ensuring that your environmental surfaces are free from soil, bodily fluids and bacteria.

As our partner we want to help measure your facilities environmental performance. Our goal is to improve compliance scores and to provide immediate performance feedback for assessing and refining hospital cleaning procedures. Hospitality Healthcares Services participates in several initiatives to support your facility quality:

  • Quality Assurance Rounds
    Environmental service rounds are a fundamental part of your facility. Routine rounds of your facility provide the eyes and ears for your organization, ensuring the highest level of environmental quality.
  • Environmental Services Checklist
    Hospitality Healthcare Services can customize cleaning checklists for every area serviced at your facility which outline the scope of work needing to be performed and provide accountability and documentation of services performed.
  • Fluorescent Marking Gel and UV Light
    With a fluorescent gel and a ultra violet light, Hospitality Healthcare Services can provide to your facility a verification program that can authenticate whether or not a surface has been cleaned thoroughly enough without the need to culture the surface. This information can be utilized to provide statistical information for improving thoroughness of disinfection and improve cleaning performance.
  • Adenosine Triphoshate System (ATP)
    A sanitation monitoring system, the ATP is utilized as a verification tool that can measure the level of cleanliness for any tested surface. At Hospitality Healthcare Services we can utilize the recorded data provided by an ATP machine to continuously monitor areas not being thoroughly disinfected, analyze data collected from the monitored surfaces and provide feedback through reports. Our ultimate goal for your facility is to address issues in order to provide proper cleaning processes at your facility.

At Hospitality Healthcare Services and as our partner we want you to know that we place a great deal of emphasis on the proper procedures in disinfecting and cleaning to ensure the highest level of quality and care for your clientele.

Executive Support:

Hospitality Healthcare Services provides a District Manager to support each of our partner facilities. The District Manager frequently tours each facility within the region with our on-site management routinely. These visits serve as continuing education as well our approach to providing quality assurance and compliance. It is our goal to get as many Hospitality Healthcare Services representatives possible involved in our programs in order to provide your organization with the best possible service.

Patient Satisfaction:

At Hospitality Healthcare Services we are advocates of comprehensive guest satisfaction. As our partner we want to ensure that we exceed your expectations as well as your guest’s expectations and to provide concrete feedback on our performance.

Our on site Management personnel are responsible for regular patient satisfaction rounds as part of their role in your organization. During these regular patient satisfaction rounds it is our goal to become advocates for the departments that we manager as well as the personnel, to ensure that they are providing the greatest impact on patient satisfaction at your facility.