Our Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles & Core Values...


At Hospitality Healthcare Services we aspire to be the Healthcare Industry leader in all service we provide. We will achieve our vision by employing outstanding employees that deliver superior services and deliver excellent results and who are committed to our mission.


Hospitality Healthcare Services, LLC exists to provide the highest quality of health care services to those we serve, while stewarding our human, financial, and material resources. The goal of the Hospitality Healthcare Services team is to earn the continued loyalty of our customers by consistently delivering superior service to our customers, every minute, every hour, and every day.

Guiding Principles:

  • Consistently delivering for our clients – We will earn our customers loyalty by demonstrating quality, superior service, value, and innovation.
  • Developing our people and valuing diversity – We will build a strong, diverse workforce creating a work environment that is challenging, provides opportunities to learn, succeed and support for growth. We value our employees and recognize that “Hospitality Healthcare Services Staff” is the essence of our Company.

Core Values:

  • Dignity/Integrity - Respecting the inherent value and work of each person. We set the highest ethical and professional standard at all times. All relationships should be based on honesty, respect, fairness, and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency.
  • Service Excellence - We are committed to achieving and exceeding customer expectations by focusing on timely, professional, and effective service. This will be accomplished through teamwork, accountability, and innovation.
  • Communication - We believe in fostering great communication with all customers and clients.
  • Empowering Work Environments - Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and support of all of our employees. We strive to create a work environment where motivated employees can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We appreciate effort and reward results.
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation - Good is never enough, we seek newer and better ways of doing things and encourage employees to take this initiative. This is especially true as it relates to the cleanliness of the clients we serve.